Model Duchess Jealoquin is keeping it in for Halloween: “I don’t know if I’ll be engaging in the festivities of the season”

Topic Of The Week (Halloween) – Independent model Duchess Jealoquin will be playing the sidelines for Halloween this year. I got in touch with the model Tuesday evening to get the inside scoop on her plans for the holiday and costume she was going to dress up as. It looks like she’s going to be keeping it in and I may be doing the same as well. LOL. Read on!


Internet Hollywood

What will you be doing on Halloween and who will you be dressing as?


Duchess Jealoquin

Thank you for asking. Normally this time of year is my favorite. Unfortunately due to personal struggle I don’t know if I’ll be engaging in the festivities of the season. I look forward to seeing what everyone else can come up with though. The fun and fancy-free artistic nature of the season can be rather breathtaking. I’m excited to observe.


Internet Hollywood

So you’ll just be playing the sidelines for this year and pretty much being the eye in the sky?


Duchess Jealoquin

Lol pretty much. Also you never know, inspiration is a fickle thing, it may come at me last minute. It’s a tricky critter like that.


Internet Hollywood 

It sure is! Thank you so much Duchess!!


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Duchess Jealoquin: Facebook 

Makeup: Shay Francis

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