Model Elvira to launch a women’s fashion, swimwear, and lingerie company, discuss cutting people out her life, future transitions and more!

Interviews – Model Elvira is opening up to some questions I had asked early Saturday afternoon alongside 20 interviews I manage to complete around that time as well. I strongly feel her answers make her interview one of the best out of the bunch I interviewed early noon time.


I got in touch with the model over messenger after she posted one of her links on my status that requested all talented people post their links. It was only a matter time before Elvira found herself on her way to being published in Internet Hollywood for the second time!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Elvira! It’s a great pleasure to do this short interview with you. I’m a new fan of your work that plans on following your work for a long time. Where did the name Elvira came from and how did you begin your steps to becoming a model?


Elvira: My name, Elvira, is actually a family name. I am the 5th generation of Elvira’s in my family.
I have been into beauty pageants and modeling my whole life, but I put it aside for a long time to focus on my education. After graduating high school over a year early and starting college classes, I took the first step of my modeling career by reaching out to a photographer, Mark Johnson, about doing a portfolio shoot. It’s been less than a year but my career just took off after that!


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever been put in a position where you had to cut someone out of your life because they were getting in the way of your goals?


Elvira: I’ve had to cut people out of my life for a lot of different reasons, but never because they got in the way of my goals. Nobody could get in the way of my goals, even if they tried!


Internet Hollywood: What is something you look for in a photographer before deciding that they are the right person you want to work with?


Elvira: When I get contacted by photographers for a shoot, I take a look at their portfolio, whether it’s on social media or a personal website, to make sure they are legitimate. There are a lot of bad people who pretend to be something they’re not, like a photographer, to get close to women which is why we have to take the proper steps to check someone’s credibility before meeting with them in person.


Internet Hollywood: Are you planning on transition from modeling to something else in the future?


Elvira: I am a model, actor, and singer and I do not plan on changing that any time soon.


Internet Hollywood: What are some projects you are working on now that you would like everyone to know about?


Elvira: Since you asked, I guess I can spill the beans about the women’s fashion, swimwear, and lingerie company I have launching in January 2018! Pre-launch advertisement starts in October so stay tuned!


Internet Hollywood: What kind of items will you be selling?


Elvira: Crop tops, bralettes, lingerie, and swimwear will be the main categories.


Internet Hollywood: Where will they be able to go to buy the product?


Elvira: It will be an online store. I’m not releasing the web address yet, but they can follow us on Instagram @auraapparelco for sneak peeks of our items and to check out some of our models!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you Elvira!


Elvira first made front news in Internet Hollywood when she triggered our buzz alert after confirming her appearance at Internet Hollywood’s upcoming movie theater party on August 19th in Manchester, CT. This will be her very first time appearing at an Internet Hollywood party.


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Elvira: Facebook – Instagram

Mark Johnson (Photographer): Facebook – Instagram 

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