Model Emilia Caroline Believes Modeling Industry Needs To Be More Diverse: “The World Is Changing”

emilia-carolinePrince Vega – Model Emilia Caroline has a very strong view on things happening in the model industry and she is sharing those thoughts with our reporters. The six-time headlining model from Middleburg Heights gave her honest opinion when asked her thoughts about the ongoing stereotypes that’s been known in the industry for decades. She acknowledged the fact that the industry is changing and brands like Victoria Secret is suffering because of it.


“I would love to open it up to a more diverse modeling group. Woman ate so beautiful but fail to see it because of what society tells us we should be and its shameful. But i think that’s where the industry is headed. That’s why Ashley gram is so successful. She has shown the world all woman can be beautifully. Also artwork arie eagle has begun to take that route by not editing their ads. The world is changing for better. Stores like Victoria Secret have suffered because their angels are designated as the”perfect” body and is unattainable for most women. If they don’t change i dont see them succeeding in the next decade.”

Caroline’s opinions on important topics isn’t the only thing that’s fascinating about her. She has been published on Internet Hollywood six times and is currently #10 on Internet Hollywood’s top 10 models chart. The model managed to be one of the very few newer published models to top Internet Hollywood charts, two months after perfectly executing a photo shoot with Brian Cosgray.


If Emilia manages to get published three more times she will be nominated for Arlene Diaries with Internet Hollywood’s most popular models.

What is Arlene Diaries?

Like it is quoted in other articles: Starting next year Internet Hollywood will begin Arlene Diaries from January 18 to February 14. Arlene Diaries is considered Internet Hollywood’s history book. During that time of the year Internet Hollywood rewards all their most published celebrities and store their achievements in Internet Hollywood’s history book forever. Internet Hollywood’s most published celebrities will be nominated January 17-24 and the ending results will be revealed on February 13 & 14. A model must have at-least 8-10 published stories within a 1 year period to be considered for a nomination in any of the categories.


The absolutely stunning picture was taken by the amazingly talented Brian Cosgray.

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