Model Emilia Caroline Endorses Hillary Clinton, Says The Mainstream Media Rules United States

emily caro

Prince Vega – Internet Hollywood model Emilia Carolina had a lot to say when our reporters asked for her thoughts on this year’s election. The celebrity spoke strongly against the way Americans have been treating each other over opposing candidates, saying  she felt the mistake people were making was thinking a  candidate was going to change the country when it starts with the people.

“To be clear, I hate this election, not because of the candidates but how people are reacting to them. The media is what is truly ruling this country and our entire nation is separating itself based on the label ‘democrat’ or ‘republican’ I think it’s a damn shame that people are filled with so much hate for each other based on who they are voting for. People forget we are Americans. All of us. and regardless of who someone is voting for I still respect them as a fellow American, and a fellow HUMAN. Yes, our country really has a lot of work to do but the mistake people are making is thinking whether one of the candidates are going to change this country for the better. that has to start with the US. how does the declaration start? WE THE PEOPLE. We are responsible for our own realities and we have the power to change it however the media makes people believe they don’t count and can’t make a difference when in reality we have all the power. People need to unplug and wake up. Turn off the TV and come together as a nation.”

The model also spoke highly of  Hillary Clinton’s integrity before slamming Donald Trump for being disrespectful to women.

“I still plan on casting my vote. I will vote for Hillary because I cannot imagine living in a country where a man who has such disrespect for women is president. He breeds nothing but hate, encourages violence, war, and disrespect. To try and close AMERICAN borders to a group based off of their religious beliefs is literally the most un-American thing I have ever heard. Our ancestors founded this country so that they may be free from tyranny and have RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. Neither candidate is honest but Hilary has a hell of a lot more integrity and genuine care for America. All trump cares about is filling his pockets and making himself that much richer, I don’t think he gives two shits about anyone but himself and his family.”

Emilia Caroline has made front page news in Internet Hollywood 4 times in total this year. Back in September, she was ranked the #10 model on our top models chart.  She’s one of the very few models in Internet Hollywood that manage to pull off an underwater mermaid shoot.


The gorgeous featured image attached to this article was taken by Photographer Lee Paul McConoughey.

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