Model Emily Caroline & Photographer Lee Paul Bites Into Competition With Stunning Photo

emily caroPrince Vega – Photographer Lee Paul McConoughey is breaking the backs of his competitor after an absolutely amazing shoot with one of Internet Hollywood’s newest celebrities Emily Caroline. Emily is a future face that has made front page news in our universe back in March when our second floor private committee predicted that Emily’s energy will provide “enough momentum to secure her a strong spot on our billboard charts” in the future. That report is now becoming a self fulfilling prophecy after our reporters discovered an absolutely adorable photo of the model on her social media page. 

The adorable red head is seen between the lens of Paul’s camera reaching through her beautiful hair in front of a red wall that makes the photo even more comforting. Without a doubt this photo is by far one of the best masterpieces that shows the importance of team work between the model and the photographer.

It’s been countless times we have heard the worst during photo shoots because of miscommunication between models and photographers. The balance that makes art a masterpiece comes from the effort put into team work by both parties. Emily and Lee is now making front page news on our headlines for executing a shoot that’s hard for many to pull off. One must be a visionary to pull off editing skills like this talented photographer.

We must credit Emily’s role as a model that has found her calling and answered quicker than most models we know. It’s always amazing to see an attractive female embrace her face by making it one to admire in excellent photos like this one. She has created the perfect storm that has shaken up Internet Hollywood’s universe to it’s very core. This is her second time making front page news in Internet Hollywood!

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