Model Emma Katherine keeps it real about her upcoming appearance at the Internet Hollywood Party on August 19th: “To be honest I am feeling anxious, but just as excited!”

LIVE – Model Emma Katherine is happily sharing her thoughts leading up to Internet Hollywood’s second party of the year at the Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment in Manchester, CT on August 19th. We caught up with the model early Sunday afternoon and asked how she felt now that the day was finally approaching!



Internet Hollywood: How’s it going Emma? We are literally days away from Internet Hollywood’s second party of the year in Manchester, CT at Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment on August 19th. How has preparing for you special appearance been doing? Are you excited?


Katherine: Hi Justin! To be honest I am feeling anxious, but just as excited! I have never been to an event like this before and I look forward to the experience.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the people attending this event that you are excited to hang out with?


Katherine: I will be driving up with Taylor Knytych and am excited to meet and spend time with her! I’m also excited to spend time with Isabel Vinson. I recently had a shoot with them and they are amazing. And I am excited to meet you and really everyone there!


Internet Hollywood: Will you be participating in the models fashion runway casting call that’s taking place that night as well?


Katherine: I haven’t decided yet!


Internet Hollywood: Have you decided what you are going to wear?


Katherine: I have almost decided…likely a dress! But I have multiple outfits I’m planning to bring along with me.


Internet Hollywood: Why do you feel an event like Internet Hollywood is important for upcoming talent?


Katherine:  I think an event like this is important for upcoming talent because it is a avenue to connect with so many talented and wonderful people. And in making these connections, opportunities arise and experiences become possible and then dreams become actualized.



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