Model Erica Blake talks being discriminating against for being a plus size model, working at a law firm, future projects and more!

Interviews – Stories from rising talent all over America has been the center focus in Internet Hollywood over the weekend. I made it a priority to get as many published stories out on upcoming talent before the end of this weekend. So far over 40 interviews has been done in the past two days and more will follow even after the weekend ends. That is the reason we have been cutting our interviews shorter this month. The more the better right?


One talented independent model from the state of Connecticut by the name of Erica Blake is also sharing her story with us. I had the pleasure in interviewing her after she posted her fan page on a status I wrote that requested all talent post their links. I hope you enjoy!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Erica Blake! I’m definitely curious to find out what I’m going to be learning from you today, since this is our first very short interview. Lol. Before I ask the four remaining questions, could you give our readers a brief history about who you are and what you do?


Blake: Hi Justin! Thank you for taking your time to talk with me. I am Midwestern gal with a heart for adventure and knowledge. I was born and raised in the heart of the country but have lived all over the country and experienced all kinds of people and places. I pride myself on being eclectic and unique, as you can tell by my hair [haha]. I am currently a docketing clerk at a Intellectual Property law firm in Hartford. I enjoy challenge and expanding my horizons.


Internet Hollywood: What made modeling the thing you wanted to pursue at the rate you are pursuing it now.


Blake: Modeling had always been something I wanted to pursue since I was a young girl. In the Spring of 2012 I had an opportunity to work with Barbizon Modeling, but due to extenuating circumstances was not able to continue to pursue it. I put off modeling until March of 2017 when Daniel Warren found me through Instagram and asked me to shoot with him. The rest as they say is history. Since I am very new to the industry, my rate of pursuance is steady monthly with between 3 to 5 shoots. I stay at that pace so that I can focus on bettering myself as a model and as a person. I take time for myself so that I can find inspiration through other models, landscapes, and emotions so that I can bring a new me to my next shoot and always keep myself moving forward.


Internet Hollywood: Have you ever underwent pressure from people that opposed you doing modeling to the point you felt discouraged and wanted to give up? If so, tell me how you got through it.


Blake: In recent months I actually went under fire from a couple of individuals that felt as though because I am not a size 2 that I do not have the ability to be a model. It certainly stung that the girls I had been there for and supported through their hardships felt that I as a person was undeserving of the same opportunities that they had. As a plus size model it is already difficult at times to find modeling opportunities. When this conflict occurred I reached out to my modeling friends and my main photographer (Daniel Warren) and they were the light at the end of the tunnel, reassuring me that I was just as successful as those who opposed me. I found great strength in my extended modeling family and I implore anyone who feels discouraged to reach out to those around you. Friends and family are the best support in times of need.


Internet Hollywood: What is one thing you feel independent models should focus when they are first getting started with their career?


Blake: I feel that independent models when getting started really need to focus on finding who they are and what they want to accomplish. The modeling industry is ever expanding and can be overwhelming without a direction or path. I feel that in this industry there is a little something for everyone.


Internet Hollywood: What are some things you are working on for the future that you would like to public to know about?


Blake: In the upcoming months I have some shoots lined up for nature and brand exposure work. I am very excited to be working with Daniel Warren on a couple of projects as well as Mike Burke and Jason Barbieri. I am excited to keeping progressing in this journey. Keep up with these projects and more on my Instagram Punk.Siren.


After the interview Blake thanked us for our time and interest then we ended our conversation. As soon I found time to write this story I immediately jumped on it. Erica Blake will also be attending the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th!


The awesome pictures of Erica Blake was taken by Mjbdesignworks.


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Color Dress: Daniel Warren (Instagram)

Ruffles: Jason Barbieri (Instagram)

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