Model Erika Lynn on Donald Trump: “I Feel Trump Has Done A Poor Job”

How Is Trump Doing? – Massachusetts model Erika Lynn isn’t really interested in topics involving politics but we thought it would be nice to get her thoughts on Donald Trump’s job as president. Now we know things are a little too early to put pressure on our new president since he just got in office. I’m just getting everyones thoughts on how they think he’s been doing so far.


Although our gorgeous new Internet Hollywood sensation admitted to us she is not a fan of politics, it’s clear she’s not a fan of president Donald J. Trump. After asking the model if she thinks Trump is doing a good job, here’s what she said:


So far I felt Donald Trump has done a poor job while being in office. I feel most of Trump’s policies go against what the United States stand for and tear the people apart rather than uniting us. The travel ban, which prevents refugees as well as immigrants from seven muslim nations from entering the country is unconstitutional and I feel divides us all more. Since Trump has been in office there has been more protests and chaos which is the last thing our country needs at this time and in general.”

She continues:

I want to see him create policies that unite the people and help them to learn to be more accepting of one another rather than avoiding the issue.”

This is Lynn’s first time ever being published for her views on anything in Internet Hollywood. She is Internet Hollywood’s newest model who is one of the very few models that has been recruited because of her selfies.


Lynn has been published three times in Internet Hollywood since her debut last week. She has been very supportive of our brand and has been showing the world that all over her social media pages. She is predicted to be a huge competitor in Internet Hollywood’s top models chart in future months to come.


Erika Lynn’s fan page says this adorable featured image on this article was taken by JWJ Photography.

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