Model Francine Lillian Takes On Internet Hollywood ✮Superstardom✮ – How Far Can She Go?

franny newPrince Vega – Little miss Lillian is bringing the right feeling to Internet Hollywood after our  private committee voted to add the model to our superstar lineup. The final decision was made after the model racked in 12 out of 13 votes that helped her easily secure a position in our digital universe. After browsing through some of her very recent photo shoots, I found myself lost with words to describe how beautiful this extremely talented model is.  Her style of modeling captures our eyes from the inside of our wanting pupils. It’s hard not to fiend for what’s seen in the excellent work she does with skilled photographers. She has dozens of photos that are worth storing in our minds for a very long time, thanks to amazing photographers like Zeno.

Lilian will finally taste a piece of her dream with new things ahead to overcome in Internet Hollywood. As our Top Model billboard challenge wraps up, dozens of newer models will find themselves leading headlines that will open the gates to a higher rank. It’s already being predicted by members of our committee that Francine will be a leading model by the first quarter of next year. Her potential will shape the way she makes the best out of every photo shoot she’s apart of. Her bravery will determine her fate as a model overcoming the barriers to succeed while others make excuses. How far will she go?

“Francine is perfect for Internet Hollywood,” Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega said. “You can look at her and pretty much tell she’s going to be more than just a model. Without a doubt in mind, I knew she would be an excellent selection for our superstar lineup.”

Lillian is the only model to receive 12 out of 13 committee votes after being submitted for her first superstar review. Judging on the positive reviews from our representatives we can easily tell that Lillian will be one of the most successful Internet Hollywood superstars if she continues to go down this path. The photo of Francine was took by an incredible photographer by the name of Zeno.

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