Model Genie Rose Joins Internet Hollywood, Will She Compete In Arlene Diaries In February?

genie-rosePrince Vega – Massachusetts model Genie Rose is blossoming in our digital universe and the world will soon find out why. The gorgeous model out of Boston, Massachusetts was sent an invitation to be one of Internet Hollywood’s newest celebrities and she gladly accepted. The world was notified that Genie Rose accepted the invitation on our social media updater earlier this week. She is one out of 223 models that received an invitation this month.


All we could wonder at this point is how dominant can this passionate model be score the 10 published stories she needs to be nominated to compete in Arlene Diaries.

What is Arlene Diaries?

Like it is quoted in other articles: Starting next year Internet Hollywood will begin Arlene Diaries from January 18 to February 14. Arlene Diaries is considered Internet Hollywood’s history book. During that time of the year Internet Hollywood rewards all their most published celebrities and store their achievements in Internet Hollywood’s history book forever. Internet Hollywood’s most published celebrities will be nominated January 17-24 and the ending results will be revealed on February 13 & 14. A model must have at-least 8-10 published stories within a 1 year period to be considered for a nomination in any of the categories.


Rose possesses a beautiful mind, body, and talent that has added onto the drive that has made her capture the attention of our representatives. Her eagerness to take on an opportunity shows how devoted she is to trying things new to expand her career. We look forward to seeing how this dazzling new celebrity work her way to 8-10 stories to be nominated for an Arlene award next year.


Could she do it?


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