Model Gloria Conroy Endorses Hillary Clinton For President, Says Trump Lacks The Qualification


Prince Vega – Gorgeous Internet Hollywood model Gloria Conroy kept it simple for our reporters when asked her thoughts about the upcoming election. She immediately brushed off Donald Trump and voiced her support for Hillary Clinton and  explained why.

“I support Hillary Clinton because she is a smart, successful and a caring woman. Her record of service to children, women and families has spanned her political career. I am not effected by Trump’s scare tactics and don’t feel he has the proper qualifications to lead our country.”

Conroy is the first model from Columbian  to ever become an Internet Hollywood celebrity. Prince Vega immediately noticed the model potential after a friend referred her during the popular Jetset Contest..


Gloria strongly supports the Internet Hollywood brand and we adore her for it. She’s very confident in the brand expanding and has taken unforgettable measures in the past to make sure Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega was okay. Conroy has made front page news on Internet Hollywood four times this year!

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