Model Gloria Conroy Makes Huge Impact For Colombia In Internet Hollywood’s First Magazine Of The Year

Internet Hollywood News – Internet Hollywood’s first Colombian model Gloria Conroy is making noise to show her presence in Internet Hollywood and it has been working in her favor so far. The model made history after becoming the first Colombian model to be featured in a Internet Hollywood magazine in its three-year history. She opened the doors for beautiful Colombian girls like Violeta to pursue modeling in Internet Hollywood if they like.


Conroy successfully snagged page 13 in the issue shortly after being nominated for an Arlene award for being the first Colombian model in Internet Hollywood. She shares one-half of a whole spread with Connecticut photographer Melissa of MCM Photography.


Prince Vega has always shown a strong interest in Gloria Conroy and has voiced his support for her on numerous occasions. He thanked the model for being a huge contributor to Internet Hollywood over the past year and for helping him get through some tough situations that could of slowed down the completion of Internet Hollywood updates. She is considered an angel in Internet Hollywood.


Conroy has been published in Internet Hollywood eight times since debuting on January 16, 2016. She is definitely someone Prince Vega plans on making huge plans for in the future!

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