Model Gloria Jean Takes A ‘Bite Out Of Crime’ – Gummy Style!

gloria new 1Model Gloria Jean hasn’t been the same since we last seen her. The ProjectXPlatinum model seems to have stumbled across a tasty little red friend– A GUMMY BEAR!!! How could this happen? It’s sweet tasty deliciousness all mixed into one big googly… never mind. That was totally unprofessional of me. Shall we start over? That’s totally not happening! Anyway, our reporters was on the hunt for our beautiful Gloria before noticing her teeth sinking into a big red gummy bear. The awesome photo was apart of a shoot the adorable model done with a photographer by the name of Matthew B. Harrison. So, who’s cool idea was this? I’m going to put my money on Matthew! I hope Gloria doesn’t kick my a– if I’m wrong. The second photo involving the adorable model hides her face behind her reaching hand that shows the remains of our red little gummy friend dangling through her fingers. Our beautiful Gloria become one of the newest members recruited into ProjectXPlatinum as a Internet Hollywood superstars shortly after Prince Vega saw something special in her. She’s been a very supportive since the very beginning of her debut as a celebrity in our digital industry. Her excitement continues to fuel our reporters  the truth is, we just can’t get enough of her. We honestly couldn’t imagine what our universe would be like without someone as sweet and beautiful as Gloria. She always seems to find a way to capture our attention enough to make her front page news on our headlines. You and Matthew deserves a huge amount of credit for coming up with this amazing idea!

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