Model & Graphic Designer Roza Tila discuss learning how to do graphics, her website, being a cosmetologist and certified lash tech, modeling and more!

Beyond The Lens – Model, graphic designer, cosmetologist, and certified lash tech Roza Tila has a lot to share about her talent and I was happy to be the one she shared it with. I’ve passed through her page a few times and felt the need to get in touch with her after she seeing that she was a graphic designer. After reaching out to her I asked if she would be interested in doing an interview and she replied yes.


Afterward, I quickly got to writing up a couple of questions to send her and as soon as I did I sent it right to her inbox. Once I received her responses back I waited anxiously for my time to free up to write this story up and publish it. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Roza Tila*~*~


Internet Hollywood): Hey Roze Tila! Welcome to the Internet Hollywood universe! The pleasure is always mine to have brand new faces appearing on the front page of our website. This journey has been a very educational one that has taught me many things about the way people live their life as dream chasers. I haven’t interviewed many models that are into graphic designing, so this is definitely an interview I’m really excited about. What inspired you to want to become a graphic designer and how hard was it for you to learn it?


Roze: What inspired me to pursue graphic designing was the fact that I loved drawing and painting as a hobby ever since I was younger. I figured why not do something I like that can have the potential of me being my own boss. That way I can freelance and work wherever I want. Now that is a dream come true. It wasn’t crazy hard to learn however I would say that sometimes it does get frustrating when you imagine it one way and it comes out another then you feel this feeling of disappointment and failure, but the thing is with designing comes experimentations. So then I just go back and do multiple trial and errors and sometimes the most beautiful projects sprout alive from it. Also sometimes one accidental click of a button on certain effects turns it into something we would not expect and it becomes an amazing outcome. There’s no telling when it comes to this job. Haha.


Internet Hollywood: Designing things that’ll catch people’s eyes takes a lot of focus and imagination I’d assume. When you’re trying to catch people’s attention with the things you are designing how do you know people will like it? Do you go with your intuition or you just do it without knowing what to expect?


Roze: When designing and trying to catch people’s eyes, I try to do a questionnaire before I actually start the assignment. I’ll tell them to send images of what they would want it to look like, and what they are envisioning. From there I will find out their favorite colors or color schemes they’d like to incorporate into their product. The whole process is basically a lot of communicating back and forth and seeing what works with the client while maintaining what I think would look professional. It’s half and half when it comes with going with my intuition and sometimes it’s just a trust your guts kind of thing. Not until it’s done will we see how it is and if I don’t like it, it’s back to step 1 again.

Photographer: Mr Saddler Media

Internet Hollywood: What is B.Unique_graphics and who created it?


Roze: (Rozegraphics on IG) is a website and page where I showcase all my work while giving potential clients the ability to reach out to me to inquire about their future projects or update their previous ones!


Internet Hollywood: As a graphic designer what do you normally design and what are your rates?


Roze: As a graphic designer I mostly design logos and flyers. I promote for night clubs in Boston so I create their weekly events’ flyers and also birthday flyers that they host each week. Occasionally I will have people wanting to start a business or have had a business that wants to join the digital world by manifesting a website for them. My rates are really ideal I would say. I’m not here to rip people off or charge crazy amounts because I know with how technology is and trends constantly changing, sometimes people would like to change their projects to align with it. With that said I would rather clients message me if they would like to discuss more.


Internet Hollywood: Your also a cosmetologist and certified lash tech. What motivated you to want to get involved with those fields and how hard it for you to obtain your license?


Roze:  I’ve had my nail license for 5 years. While going to college to obtain my degree I also went to night school full time to obtain by nails license. I recently got my eyes lash extensions certificate about two months ago and am going to school to get my full cosmetology license now. The reason I want to get involved in this field because as a person I have a lot of caring tendencies and if I can make people feel good and look good then why not? Every state have varying hours in which they require for you to pass in order to obtain a license. In MA, for nails, it’s 100 hours. And for the whole cosmetology it’s 1000 hours, however, I’m currently in TN so it’s 1500 hours. TN is one of the states with the highest hours required which means that will enable me to work in any state in the future if I were to relocate.



Internet Hollywood: When did modeling come into the picture and what are some of your favorite styles of shooting to do when you’re collaborating with photographers?


Roze: Modeling came into the picture about 7 years ago, my freshman year of college when I saw my cousin working with some photographers. My favorite styles to shoot would be fashion and creative shoots. I like when I can incorporate a whole theme and subject into my photo shoots. Not just a random point and shoot, anybody can do that. I want to be original or at least not be like anybody else. I live by the quote, “In a world where everybody is the same, Dare to be different.” And I have that tattooed on me as well.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what is your main goals that you’re trying to fulfill this year and what goal you feel you need to accomplish to define your legacy on the journey your currently on, and is there any plan b?


Roze: One of my main goals this year as it has been every year would be to better myself. I’ve learned and went through a lot the past 4 years and I’ve learned in order to have better or do better, you have to be better yourself. You never stop learning and growing every day. Nobody knows everything even until the day they die. Another few goals would be to graduate next year with my cosmetology license and within the next 5 years, I hope to pay off all of my school debts and open up my own beauty salon. 💇🏼 Plan b is to get an office job doing graphic designing, but most likely I will stick my A plan. I’m the type of person that even though I allow lots of leeway, I try to accomplish what I’ve set my mind to from the get-go.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Roza Tila! I hope to chat again with you sometime in the near future!


~*~*Thank You For The Interview*~*~

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