Model Gypsy Jean reveals her favorite childhood films: “Me and my neighbors were into wrestling. We would pretend to be pro wrestlers on the trampoline…”

Topic of the Week – Independent Connecticut model Gypsy Jean has participated in our topic of the month by answering our four hot topic questions that we came up with. I had the great pleasure in inviting her to do the interview and she gladly accepted. Check out some of her answers to our questions below and the incredible photos Johnny Armaos from Hellcat A-Go-Go Studios took of her.


~*~*Interview /w Gypsy Jean*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Growing up as a child, what would you say was your favorite films and television series to watch?


Gypsy: There’s so much but my all time favorites were beetlejuice the animated cartoon, the Addams family and old reruns of bewitched. The cartoons on nickelodeon were awesome too!


Internet Hollywood: As kids many of us impersonated characters we seen on the screen with our family and friends. Some play basketball, football, wrestle, baseball, softball, or other. Who were some of the people or what were some of the things you and your pairs would impersonate in your childhood days when ya’ll would have fun?


Gypsy: Me and my neighbors were into wrestling. We would pretend to be pro wrestlers on the trampoline out next to my dad’s place.


Internet Hollywood: What were some of the scariest movies you watched and have any ever gave you nightmare?


Gypsy: My mom was super strict about what I was allowed to watch so I didn’t get into scary movies until I was older. Never had nightmares from them at any age.


Internet Hollywood: If you could choose to be a villain or superhero what would you choose and what would your name and powers be?


Gypsy: Oooo good question, i feel id be like Deadpool. Some good but not an angel by any means. I’d probably have invisibility as a power because it’s handy in so many instances


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Gypsy!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~



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