Model Hailey Nakaya collides with Cren Lee of Ethics Beauty Supply in her new photo shoot!

Internet Hollywood News – Independent Vermont model Hailey Nakaya has made a great deal of noise over the past week after collaborating with three photographers in the New England area. The 20-year-old collaborated with Ray As, Bernie Mac Photography and Cren Lee of Ethics Beauty Supply and has plenty of photos floating online right now.


I just got photos from her new photo shoot with Cren Lee and believe me when I tell you: they’re great! I quickly got in touch with the photographer and asked if I could write about it and he said sure. I also let Nakaya know that the story was in the process of being developed and she was extremely excited to hear it.


Nakaya messaged me with the news that she would be shooting with Cren Lee and a few other photographers last week and she has successfully done that over the last couple of days. I also found it very surprising that she did it as quick as she did. It feels like it was only yesterday when we talked about her getting into modeling. In the future, we will determine whether is just the overwhelming feeling of beginning her career or a true passion that will guide her to fulfilling her goal.


Ethics Beauty Supply is a familiar name to many published names in Internet Hollywood. Cren Lee also attended our last Internet Hollywood party in August.


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Ethics Beauty Supply: Instagram – Facebook 

Hailey Nakaya: Facebook – Instagram

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