Model Haley Allen Finally Makes Her Debut As Internet Hollywood’s Newest ✮Superstar✮

haley 8Prince Vega – A published Playboy bunny wants in on Internet Hollywood and she’s not letting anyone get in the way of that. A gorgeous model from Indiana by the name of Haley Allen is now entering Internet Hollywood as our newest superstar. The model directly contacted Prince Vega and let the music artist know that she was interested in becoming a part of our digital universe. Even with a load of pending submissions waiting, it only took the model a few hours to be approved and officially stamped as one of our own.

Haley goes all bunny in new selfie photo

Allen’s personality reflects the same curiosity it took for her to find Internet Hollywood’s founder Prince Vega. She remains the mysterious new girl exploring our universe with one thing in mind–success. After a little research, we quickly found ourselves locking eyes on some of Allen’s absolutely gorgeous photo shoots. Her beautiful body perfected the craft built out of her physical structure like a goddess. Her smile is as warm as the skies we find lit upon the seas in the sunniest summer day. How could she be denied?


The conqueror may be new to our universe, but she’s familiar with it. She told a representative that she found out aboutInternet Hollywood through one of Internet Hollywood’s powerful superstars Cristal Catalina. Cristal Catalina marked an historic moment in Internet Hollywood after she held an unbreakable streak as #1 top model for over ten months on our billboard charts. She is currently Internet Hollywood’s 10th biggest model.


There is no telling what the future holds in our universe for Haley Allen. We could only open our arms and hope she takes control of the opportunity that’s given to her. The incredible picture of this beautiful model was took my an awesome photographer by the name of Anthony E. King of Anthony King Photography .


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