Model Hayley Cartwright’s Internet Hollywood Magazine feature in July 2019 will be her second feature!

IH Magazine – If the list of names revealed earlier this year wasn’t enough for those connected through Internet Hollywood then they may be satisfied to hear a whole lot more names are being featured in our next issue that is set to be released in late July of this year. Independent Florida model Hayley Cartwright will be one of the models that will be joining the lineup of talented individuals that will be featured and it will be the second time she has been. She received her first feature through MCM Photography in February of 2017 when the glitter shoot she was in was added to the magazine, alongside an exclusive interview with photographer Melissa Morris. Hayley Cartwright has been made aware of the news over one of her social media pages and will soon begin the process of getting the feature she deserves. Hayley Cartwright has been published on 13 times and has made one Internet Hollywood party appearance. Congratulations Hayley!



*This story was originally posted at an earlier date but has been modified and updated




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