Model Hayley Grant gives her thoughts on IH Vega’s new song ‘Born Again’: “I love the song, it sounds great!”


Feedback – Independent Connecticut model Hayley Grant opened up her ears to Internet Hollywood Vega’s latest single ‘Born Again’ that was released on Youtube late last month. The single is the first of many to come from his new mixtape ‘Internet Hollywood Radio Part. 1’ that is set to come out in late October. Hayley Grant was one of many people to listen to the song and was one of the first few to post a comment expressing how she felt about the song. Here is what she said!


“I love the song, it sounds great! I hope to see more made from you! Keep up the good work man lyrics are on point. It had an awesome vibe to it!”


Hayley isn’t the only person to publicly express her thoughts on the single in the freelance modeling world. Independent models Glam Doll, Mia Dolly, Lucy Starlight, Jenna Rey, and Duchess Jealoquinn also weighed in on the single as well. The song has already passed 10 thousand views on YouTube and more people are finally finding out about Vaughka’s return to music. You could listen to the music below and follow Hayley Grant’s fan page by clicking the highlighted links!


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