Model Hayley Grant is currently seeking photographers, discusses her photo shoot with Bernie MacArthur, her dream shoot, wanting to work with Mark Johnson and more!

Beyond The Lens – Connecticut model Hayley Grant is finally getting a feature of her own in Internet Hollywood after completing an interview she did with us early  last week. The model agreed to the interview and opened up about her personal life, goals and upcoming projects. She was selected out of a list of talented people we were interested in interviewing.


Grant also attended our last Internet Hollywood party back in August. She was definitely as awesome as I assumed in our conversations we would have over messenger. I was definitely looking forward to having this interview and i am also planning on having many more in the future. Enjoy!



~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Hayley Grant*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hello Hayley Grant! It feels good to catch up with you again after meeting you for the very first time at the last Internet Hollywood Party in August. But before we begin, could you share a little information about who you are and what you do?


Grant: I am Hayley Grant and I am a Part Time Model, I also work at Stop and Shop, In Uncasville, Connecticut; I work Melon Bar, Gas Station, and Front End. I wouldn’t asked to change what I have. I am extremely Lucky for those I have met from both Modeling for 2 years now and Stop & Shop I am from Ledyard, Connecticut.


Internet Hollywood: When you decided modeling was going to be the thing you wanted to do how did everyone you know feel about it?


Grant: I decided modeling was going to be a thing when I lost access to my camera due to it being too old. Most everyone was super supportive of the idea of me modeling and there were some who were not.


~Bernie MacArthur Photography~

Internet Hollywood: Early last month you did an awesome photo shoot with Bernie MacArthur Photography. I also took note that you have done quite a few shoots with him in the past. What is it about his work that makes you want to keep working with him?


Grant: Thank you! Bernie is one of my choice photographers, Hes a total sweetheart. I started working with Bernie when I met him at a Group Shoot, and from there on out, we kind of clicked and I love watching his work get more and more Radical as he goes along. Hes like a Family member too me as well. We disagree sometimes. Believe me I am a huge BRAT! haha. But His work is amazing; I am not just saying that either. He is fun and charming to work with. I suggest you take the time to work with him. But be a little understanding hes a Dad of 3! He is a fantastic person.


Internet Hollywood: Are there any other photographers that you are interested in collaborating with?


Grant:  I’d Personally like to work with Mark Jonson, He has some beautiful work. Sometimes I show others his beautiful photos. I’d also LOVE to work with Raven Cruz some more. Hes a sweetpea and just fun to converse with! Last but not least, Jessica M. Gates, She knows what shes doing and her work is beautiful. Shes from Killingsworth, Connecticut. Wonderful personality and willing to Travel to me!


Internet Hollywood: What is your main goal to fulfill before this year out?


Grant: My main goal to fulfill this year is getting my permit so I can travel New England and some of the States for modeling. So that way I can actually work more with some awesome photographers that are out there!


Internet Hollywood: What is your dream photo shoot?


Grant: Dream Photoshoot would be a Pinup, But also involving a RIgger and AIrplains. That or them all one at a time!


Internet Hollywood: Where would you like to see yourself around this time next year?


Grant: This time next year, I hope to be driving and having my own wheels. I want to Begin the process this time next year as Claiming myself as a Business. Also; Possibly paying someone for 2-3 hours a day to do all my postings!


Internet Hollywood: Last question, what are you working on now that you would like everybody to know about? 


Grant: I unfortunately do not have much going on right now. I am having a hard time picking up shoots with photographers. I am pretty sure its due to me having no travel.


Internet Hollywood: Hopefully we could help you with that. Thank you for the interview Hayley and I look forward to speaking with you more in the future!


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