Model Hayley Grant might be trick or treating on Halloween, the chances of doing a photo shoot, haunted experiences, and more!

Topic of the Week (Halloween) – Independent Connecticut model Hayley Grant is back on Internet Hollywood after finishing up her holiday interview with me over the week. The model recently took on our hot topic discussion about Halloween and kindly opened up about her plans, favorite movies, most frightening characters, haunted experiences, and more. Have fun reading the interview!


~*~*Interview /w Hayley Grant*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Hey Hayley! The countdown is on before Halloween and I have been making an effort to find out everyone’s plans for the holiday. I had got in touch with many of people (including you) to get the inside scoop to share on Internet Hollywood? What are some of your plans for Halloween and do you feel like your going to be dressing up at all?


Hayley: Today, Friday, October 19th, I found out I have Holloween off from my day job. I may be going trick or treating with a couple of friends whom have children. I also may just be throwing a little get together with a small group of friends and enjoy the evening. Have a little bowl of candy hang out. The usual. Nothing too fancy!


Internet Hollywood: Since your a model I thought this would be a pretty cool question to ask, what character would you love to dress up as for a Halloween photo shoot and do you plan on doing any photo shoots for Halloween this year?


Hayley: Honestly, I would probably wear my Steampunk Outfit from Sisters of the Moon Design this year as it makes me look like an awesome doll! (Which was already shot with Chris Addams), I have done just one with Twisted Kilt Photography! I have Unfortunately been busy with work. But I have gotten some other fall themed shoots in this fall so far. I hope to continue to shoot through the winter. 🙂


Internet Hollywood: What are some of your favorite foods and candy to eat and favorite movies to watch during this time of the year?


Hayley: Now and Laters, Twix, Kit Kat’s, and a handful of other ones too! I like to watch alot of horror movie usually and Charlie Brown. But this year I have not gotten too yet. (bummer I know)


Internet Hollywood: I have been asking people about haunted experiences they may have had when they were younger and got some pretty interesting answers. I decided to make this question one of my key questions to ask; have you ever experienced a “haunting” moment in the past that you feel comfortable sharing?


Hayley: I have so many. But I would rather have people come and ask me. It’s much more fun to explain to people and have them ask me more questions! But some actually has to do with Norwich State Hospital when it was not being knocked down and also before Mohegan Sun (Casino and Local Tribe) starter blessing the land in each season! The energy isn’t as strong and wicked there now. I also have a funny store of that location!


Internet Hollywood: Last question, is there a horror movie that you would never watch again because it was too scary for you?


Hayley: There is one. But it was so traumatic in my childhood I don’t remember the name. (I was actually around 10?)


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview Hayley! Have a Happy Halloween!


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