Model Heather Danielle talks escaping hard times with ballet, doing a hotel shoot for a few magazines, not thinking she would model and more!

Short Interview – Connecticut Model Heather Danielle is letting us in on a few things that I feel our readers would be very interested in reading. Last week was perhaps one of the busiest weeks for me when it came to writing news stories on talent in Internet Hollywood. I chose to find time to interview over 50 people including Heather Danielle after requesting they all upcoming talent drop their pages under a status I posted.


Danielle was one of those people who posted hers and immediately was asked for a quick 5 question interview soon after. I had short conversations with the model in the past and still to this day I find her work to be great in quality and natural. She is truly beautiful with a great deal of potential I admit. I’m definitely happy to share this interview with you all. Enjoy!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Heather Danielle. First I would like to welcome you to your first Interview with Internet Hollywood. I’m pleased to be a part of your first publication. We have been showing our support to upcoming talent this weekend by asking them 5 questions about their career. The reason I chose 5 if because it gives me the ability to release an enormous amount of stories before the weekend is out. But speaking on careers, what started your career as a model?


Danielle: I started my career as a model on accident actually. A model friend of mine was short a girl for a Bike Night runway so she asked me to join and I’ve been into it ever since!


Internet Hollywood: Does modeling sometimes help you escape some of the pain you go through in your everyday life?


Danielle: I used to have ballet as my escape through the hard times in life. When that had to end due to injury, I picked up modeling because it gives me the same euphoric feeling.


Internet Hollywood: How long could you see yourself doing modeling before pursuing other goals non-related to it?


Danielle: I plan on modeling for as long as I can. I had never thought I’d ever get into modeling, or make it far for that matter, so I had planned on working for law enforcement within the next 5 years but hope to model all before and hopefully during!


Internet Hollywood: What’s your favorite type of work to do as a model?


Danielle: My favorite type of work is boudoir. It makes me feel sexy and happy about my body. On the other hand, I’ve done one shoot in wedding dresses and being a young girl that made me feel like a princess like a princess lol.


Internet Hollywood:  What are some upcoming projects you have planned or are working on now for the future?


Danielle: I just recently did a hotel room shoot for a few magazines, but as for the next project it’s a secret but it involves something else I really love besides modeling!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you Danielle. I look forward to having longer interviews with you in the future!


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