Model Heather Jane Hansen creates her own reality in new creative photo shoot with Marianne Bell

Photo Shoots – Heather Jane Hansen is getting the attention she deserves after an incredible photo shoot with multi-talented model and photographer Marianne Bell. Bell has kept our eyes occupied on all of her latest work that also included Joe Kalos Photography and Sam Cahill. All of Bell’s amazing work has earned her a ten question interview with us in mid-July. We discussed her plans for traveling, going back to Maine, working with Joe Kalos and more.


But this time Bell is giving us a piece of her talent behind the lens. The photo shows an insanely gorgeous Heather Jane Hansen tangled up in red as she dangled across two trees that held her body. Bell’s perfect eyes captured the prize in a perfect angle that blew me away from the moment I seen the picture. I was so in love with the picture I attached it to the top of this story first and placed the others below.


But photo shots isn’t the only thing Marianne Bell has planned for the month of August. She will also be making an appearance at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance party in Manchester, CT on August 19th. She also vouched for Heather Jane Hanson and now she will also be attending as well.


I look forward to seeing both of these talented individuals in action on the night of the party. The more I learn about Marianne Bell the more interested I get in writing more about her. She has a great personality that will get her very far in her career. As that time approaches I hope I get to learn more about Heather Jane Hansen as well.


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