Model Holly Salmon goes deep in her first underwater photo shoot with photographer Jorge E. Gonzalez

Photo Shoots – It is no stranger to us that Jorge E. Gonzalez captures the magic underwater in his collaborations with upcoming models in the New England. His photo shoot with Danica Eliseus made our front page headlines in September 2017 when the model posted photos of her underwater in Jorge’s studio. I reached out to them and got some inside details on the shoot and wrote a story about it. That looks to be the case in this photo shoot with Holly Salmon.


I recently found out that Holly did a photo shoot with the photographer in late June and it wasn’t even a planned one. She revealed she was having an “off day” before being invited to the photo shoot by independent Connecticut model Mandii Jean and there is where she met Jorge. Before you know it, she was going through the experience of doing her first underwater photo shoot and she says it was incredible.


“When you’re underwater not only do you have to focus on keeping a decent facial expression while holding your breath you’re completely weightless so posing is extremely difficult. I actually had to hold a wait to try to keep myself in place because I kept floating up to the top too quickly!”

Holly sent me more photos from the photo shoot today to add to the story when I write it. I added them below for you to check them both out. You could also check out more of her and Jorge work by clicking the link to their pages below. They have a lot of nice work to check out and those links are the way to go to see them all!

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F-Stop Photo Studio LLC (Jorge E. Gonzalez): Instagram – Website

Holly Salmon: Instagram

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