Model Ileana Carranza aims for a classy and sexy look for the IH Party: “I want to buy the perfect outfit, can’t look like a slob!”

(IH Live Access) – As the Internet Hollywood party approaches, I’ve been on the quest to figure out what’s going on through the minds of everyone that will be involved in the show. Earlier news was published about independent model Hannah Kjeldsen who chatted with me about the upcoming party in an interview where she confessed how nervous she was during the audition and much more! (read here)


Another person that I also caught up with is independent Massachusetts model Ileana Carranza. Ileana didn’t mind putting me on to what was going on through her mind and even confessed to being more nervous as the date approaches. She was chosen to walk for NROR ART in the fashion show and it will be her very first one. Check out the interview!


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Internet Hollywood: What’s up Ileana?! The countdown is on to the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show and it will be your very show that you will be walking in! I can’t imagine how you must feel about that. What were some of the things that went through your mind when you found out that you would be walking and are you nervous at all right now?


Ileana: Well, when I found out initially I was shocked and extremely nervously. This is completely new to me so, I’m nervous but I am positive that it will be a lot of fun. As the date grows nearer, the more nervous I get. But sometimes nerves are great, right?


Intenet Hollywood: Knowing you for this long, I am one to know that you sure do know how to dress up when it comes to attending special occasions. Have you at all thought about what you will be wearing when you’re in front of all the photographers that will be taking pictures of you?


Ileana: Oh my Gosh, I completely forgot about that lol, which sounds so silly but I am definitely going to be on the lookout for something fun/classy with the perfect measure of sexy if that makes any sense lol.


Internet Hollywood: Now we both are pretty great friends and you know just how much I rock with you. lol. So in all honesty, one of the things I been asking people about is the music. The reason is because I want the DJ to play music that relates to everyone that’s attending. What genre of music would you like to hear for the event and are there any songs that you would like played?


Ileana: Like you said, we are pretty good friends, so it is not a secret that I would request one Britney song lol. But otherwise, I’m not too picky, so long as it is good and I can vibe and relate then I can pretty much listen to anything.


Internet Hollywood: Many names and beautiful faces making an appearance will be dressed up for the flashing lights that will be coming from photographer’s cameras. Have you decided what you are going to wear for the event or not just yet?


Ileana: Not yet and I’m getting nervous because I want to buy the perfect outfit, can’t look like a slob!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Ileana. I can’t wait to meet you at the party!


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Ileana Carranza: Instagram

This photograph was taken by Miss Beautiful Chaos – Instagram


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