Model Ileana Carranza will walk for NROR ART at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show in Natick, MA on July 1st!

Fashion Show – MA model Ileana Carranza has been chosen to walk for NROR ART at Internet Hollywood’s first fashion show in Natick, Massachusetts on July 1st. Ileana was one of the six upcoming models to be selected to walk for the brand that’s founded by fashion designer Samantha Gottlich of Massachusetts. After finding out the news Ileana expressed a huge amount of excitement and is now partnering up with a model friend she knows that will also be on the show for training purposes.


Gottlich was the first designer to select all six models that she wanted to model in her designs. The remaining names from the list will be revealed throughout the month. She also selected two makeup artists and will also be selecting two hairstylists to assist with doing the models hair before the show. There will be a total of 30 models walking in the show.


Ileana Carranza made front page news on Internet Hollywood for the first time in early February after doing an interview with me over messenger for the website. She has been published on Internet Hollywood two times since her last publication and now has three in total. As the show gets closer those number of publications will increase. Congratulations to you Ileana Carranza!


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Ileana Carranza: Instagram

This photograph was taken by Miss Beautiful Chaos – Instagram

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