Model Isabel Vinson and Photographer Rachel Fagen Teams Up With An Amazing Idea

isabel photo editProjectXPlatinum Co-Founder Isabel Vinson is getting the attention she deserves after word got around about a new shoot she did with an amazing photographer by the name of Rachel Fagen of PhotoPunk Photography. The new images captures the popular modeling sweetheart Isabel pressing her see-through black stockings across the grass as she relaxes across a chair looking absolutely phenomenal. Everyone that knows of Isabel can easily find out how truly dedicated she is when it comes to her career as a model. Her strong headlines has earned the #2 spot on the Internet Hollywood billboard charts in August behind Internet Hollywood celebrity Cristal Catalina. The photographic style of this photo came by the hands of a highly skilled Rachel, who finds her passion in the creativity of the work she produces after each photo shoot. With that in mind, we got in touch with Rachel Fagen to find out how the entire photo shoot came together with our Isabel Vinson:

“I am always hunting for different decrepit but beautiful spots to shoot at,” she said. “I went back to my hometown and remembered this abandoned mill that I have always wanted to go explore so I checked it out and loved the location. I thought about who would do the location the most Justice and I decided Isabel is perfect for this. She brought a feminine beautiful presence to the old decaying site. The perfect mixture I like for my photos.”

Rachel is one of the latest debuting photographers to enter into our universe off the strength of an Internet Hollywood superstar. We are positive her amazing work as a photographer will easily gain her more followers to add on to the 6 thousand on her popular fan page! Check out Rachel’s super awesome photo shoots on her fan page below!

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