Model Isabel Vinson Confesses That Her Childhood Crush Was George Clooney, Reveals Favorite Show

Topic Of The Week – Vermont model Isabel Vinson is giving us some childhood memories to take with us to the future. I recently got in touch with the model to see if she would give us some information on her past crush and favorite television show. After sending the question, Vinson handled some other duties then freely took us on a short trip down memory lane and shared her favorite childhood television show and celebrity crush.


“I really really like Ren and Stimpy because it was dry sarcastic over the top humor and I’ve always, even since a child had kinda a sarcastic, witty, semi-dry sense of humor. I definitely can get silly but usually I’m just a **** (lmfao). And my first TV crush was George Clooney’s sexy ass saving people on ER. I use to tell my mom when I grew up he’d be my boyfriend.”

Isabel Vinson is one of many sensations in Internet Hollywood that has shared their past with us. Dozens of new and established Internet sensations has done the same throughout the entire week.  You could expect more to come each day out of this week.


A little research will help you find out why Isabel Vinson is so dominant in all news columns on Internet Hollywood. She is the first model in Internet Hollywood to receive an offer to do an interview with Internet Hollywood


This pretty damn awesome featured image in this story was taken by Lauren Farrington Photography.

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