Model Isabel Vinson Endorses Bernie Sanders For President, Responds to Prince Vega Remarks

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Prince Vega – Internet Hollywood’s leading female headliner Isabel Vinson is expressing a different opinion from hip hop artist Prince Vega when it comes to the elections. Recently the Internet Hollywood founder slammed the elections for being a farce that doesn’t count votes because presidents are selected before they are elected. Read below:

“I honestly feel Americans need to get over the fantasy of a superhero politician,” he said. “People need to realize they are too grown to fall for that kinda stuff now. It is getting to the point that its getting sad watching it. How many years has this been going on for? The elections doesn’t excite me at all.”

His strong opinions on the matter received responses from dozens of Internet Hollywood celebrities who shared their own views on the matter and Isabel was one of them!

“Bernie Sanders is for the people and not voting just keeps us stuck in the past with shitty elected people in office, even if your vote doesn’t go to Bernie Sanders it more than counts. It was 1 vote that won a town in Eastern Massachusetts that ended up helping to win the state for Bernie. It could be your one vote that changes that also.”

Isabel Vinson is the most important influential model in the Internet Hollywood universe. The absolutely gorgeous photo of our adorable doll Izzy was took by an extremely photographer by the name of Holbrook Photography.


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