Model Isabel Vinson gives advice to upcoming models, discusses events she organized, photographers she’d work with, what models she sees herself in and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Vermont model Isabel Vinson just gave us the inside scoop on what’s going on with her and I just couldn’t wait to share it with you. Vinson hasn’t been much of a chatter in our past interviews, but I was lucky enough to get answers to questions I been wanting to ask her since the beginning of this year started. It’s always a pleasure chatting with her. I hope you enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Isabel Vinson*~*~


Internet Hollywood: Happy New Year Isabel! It is always an honor chopping it up with you. You have taught so many of us amazing things and deserve far more credit for all of the things you have done. I’m hoping this year will be spent mostly on your career growing even more than where you are now. We have witnessed you helped so many other beautiful people it kind of worry if you are doing enough for yourself. With being said, could you fill us in on some of the things that you currently got in the works?


Vinson: I’m always planning out group events and yes those are more for others than for me. In the winter I tend to take stuff slower. My chronic pain conditions have more flare ups in the colder months.


Internet Hollywood: You have explored so many different themes that I wouldn’t know where to start to begin naming them in the photoshoots you been in. Which style of shooting is your favorite and why?


Vinson: Honestly I like to be nude. It’s freeing as a mother f**ker.


Internet Hollywood: You are also very good at putting your camera to work in the photography field as well. Is there any models that you would like to shoot?


Vinson: There are so many I want to shoot with. Soon! I don’t wanna jinx myself.


Internet Hollywood: You are very in control when it comes to organizing events that normally turn out successful in the end. Most of the times people fail to organize events because this sense of fear and doubt they may have. What were some of the things you had to overcome to organize your very first event?


Vinson: Organizing events is hard work and can always end up flopping. You have to go into it with a very specific budget so it doesn’t get too overdone. Decorate on a budget. The dollar store is your friend lol


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the models that reminds you of you?


Vinson: Taylor Knytych and Karissa Bills are both super driver beautiful women that I love.


Internet Hollywood: Is there any type of photographer that you would like to collaborate with right now?


Vinson: I’m always loving to collab with Raven Macabre and Manny Rude, but again I gotta leave my house lol and I don’t do that much when it’s cold af out.


Internet Hollywood: You have been an excellent source of information for upcoming talent that wants to learn how to gain a following on their platforms. What are some of the key things all beginners should remember when trying to build their brands independently?


Vinson: You don’t own your photos unless you pay for them and you aren’t owed shit. Be aware of this going into your shoot and discuss what you will get out of it in detail.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what was the biggest lesson you learned in 2017?


Vinson: Just because I love people and have faith in people doesn’t necessarily mean they are good people.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview, Isabel!


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