Model Isabel Vinson Pushes Hard For Cosmic Dust Bunnies; Dominates Road To The Vibes List

Isabel Vinson is pushing hard for a band she truly believes would be a great band for the Gathering Of The Vibes festival that is due to take place July 31 – August 3rd at  Seaside Park in Bridgeport, CT! The beautiful model revealed her power behind promotion after teaming up with the band to help them land in first place with 2,630 votes. The band is followed by Relative Souls with 2,357 and Cocktail Party Phenomenon with 1,506. The expanding list keeps growing but the momentum never slows with this enthusiastic band that is known to us for rocking Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT with their songs Cosmonauts & Cruise Control back in 2012!

The site I found of the group doesn’t provide us with as much information I was hoping for so I grabbed what I could find of the band from the “Road To The Vibes 2014” Page.


Cosmic Dust Bunnies began their interstellar journey in 2006. Originally coming together for the purpose of improvisational exploration, they began to develop a sound and style that would soon evolve into the identity they embrace today. In addition to their New Wavetronica jams, CDB layers influences from Reggae, Dub, Funk, Rock, Pop, and everything in between to form an intimate bond with the audience. CDB’s rhythm section is comprised of Matt Beckett’s funky futuristic bass sounds and Eric Hyland’s precise timing on the acoustic and electric drums and loops. In addition, Matt Dempsey rips smooth and tasteful guitar licks while Chris Sellas blends in keys/synthesizers and sequences to complete their truly unique sound. CDB has become a staple late-night act for such festivals as Catskill Chill, The Big Up, Ziontific, Rock N Roll Resort and was also a part of the memorable City Bisco in Philadelphia hosted by The Disco Biscuits. Fans from across the galaxy have traveled far and wide to experience the Cosmic Dust Bunnies and have been showing exponential growth in the last few years.g exponential growth in the last few years.


Isabel Vinson is known for having a warm heart for those in need and the growth of ProjectXPlatinum proves just that. Isabel was the first model to learn of the new idea from Prince Vega before they both teamed up to start the freelance organization that now has over 100 models! We ask that everyone show their support to Isabel’s friends from Cosmic Dust Bunnies by clicking the link below to vote for them!


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