Model Isabel Vinson Responds To Internet Hollywood’s Universe, Says She Respects Obama

One of the founders of ProjectXPlatinum is currently weighing in on a heated discussion that has lift our universe on its heals after the release of Prince Vega’s song “Conqueror” touched down on our headlines. Isabel Vinson is now sharing her thoughts and has a different point of view from ProjectXPlatinum models Jaime Lynn and Cristal Catalina who’ve spoke against Obamacare as-well.

“I have a lot of respect for Obama because my sister is in the Army and he’s always made sure that she is taken care of. And that her daughter who was born with a cleft pallet was able to receive all of the surgeries she needed.”

Isabel Vinson is not only known for being one of the sweetest models that keeps her heart warm for everyone in need. The beautiful young model has also help create the blueprint to new freelance modeling organization ProjectXPlatinum. She is also known throughout the alternative world of modeling for her heavy presence across the modeling realm through social networks!

Photo Above By Gregory Hartzell   


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