Model Isabel Vinson Still Feeling The “Bern”, Says She’s Writing In Bernie Sanders

ray-asPrince Vega – Internet Hollywood celebrities all over the world are weighing in on the upcoming election that has divided America farther than we have ever seen before.


So far Internet Hollywood models Joetry, Emilia Caroline, Brittany Elizabeth and Gloria Conroy have come out to give our reporters their thoughts on both candidates. Now our reporters are finally getting the thoughts of one of our most powerful models in the history of our digital universe.


Vermont’s own Isabel Vinson isn’t with extending her hand out to the likes of a Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The model slammed the candidates then told our reporters that’s she’s writing in Bernie Sanders.

“I’m writing in Bernie because I refuse to vote for a liar or a bigot. We are so doomed. Trump just had something released about underage girls and the FBI just reopened the investigation on Hillary. We. Are. Doomed. I figure if my vote won’t count it may as well not count for the only person worth voting for.”

Bernie Sanders struck a cord with his supporters after he chose to endorse presidential candidate Hillary Clinton earlier this year. Although his supporters refuse to back Clinton, he continues to campaign for her in multiple states.


But recent emails released by Wikileaks  revealed that Democratic National Committee had worked against Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in favor of a Clinton nomination, which caused him to drop out.


The beautiful picture of Isabel Vinson was taken by Massachusetts photographer Ray As.

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