Model Isabella Capri Explains How She Made The Transition From Free Gigs To Paid Ones

New Sensations – One of Internet Hollywood’s newest models has a lot to say in our first interview in Internet Hollywood since becoming a sensation this week. Rhode Island model Isabella Capri is one out of a dozen to be added to Internet Hollywood’s list of sensations that will receive an endless amount of published stories, promotion and more. Capri was one of the key targets when invitations went out for newer models to become our newest sensations.


During our short interview, the 22-year-old Rhode Island model explained how her modeling days started after her mother set up a photo shoot with a friend when she was 7-years-old.  She also went on to explain how her family didn’t believe modeling was worth the time until her name started getting bigger and she started getting paid gig. You could check out some of our interview below.


Q: Hey Isabella! I have to start off by saying that your work is breathtaking. Anyone could tell by browsing through your work that you have been doing it for sometime. My question, When did you decided this was a dream you would pursue to the full extent? Did anyone tried to doubt you along the way?


“Hi Justin! Thank you so much. I started modeling the young age of 7, when my mom set up a photoshoot for her and I with one of her photographer friends. This particular shoot with her is when I fell in love with modeling; as a child, I simply loved playing dress up and having my picture taken. This love for “dress up” continued as I reached middle and high school, and turned into a real interest for fashion. At age 16, I began to freelance model with the guidance of my mother, whom would accompany me on shoots as well as help style my hair and makeup in these early years. Once I reached 18, I started branching out and traveling more for shoots. Doing this helped me extend my portfolio past Rhode Island and modeling became more of a full time job for me. As I started doing it more and more, my family began to think it was a huge waste of time because often times I was shooting for free. However, years of shooting for free and building a portfolio ultimately lead to me getting larger shoot opportunities and getting paid gigs. Once I started getting paid often, getting compensated in the forms of travel, food, clothing, or simply money- my family began to back off. They felt I should be focusing on other things but realized I was making a name for myself and that I was finally making money doing it. Fast forward a couple years to now at age 22, I’ve now worked with at least 60 different photographers, I model for a dozen or so local clothing brands, and I am still consistently shooting every week.”

Q: Was it hard for you to continue modeling with your family feeling it was a waste of time? What was it that kept you motivated enough to continue?

“No, it wasn’t hard for me to continue despite my family being against it. I’ve always been very independent and I’ve never really cared about what people think of me. I would argue with my family about modeling but I wouldn’t let them stop me from doing it. I’d say just my own creativity and drive is what motivated me to keep going. Maybe it was even the negativity from my family that pushed me forward- they made it like almost a challenge for me and I wanted to prove to them and to myself that I could keep going.”

Q: And I’m happy you did. What would you say is the biggest challenge being an independent model with no agency to back you?

“Well unfortunately I don’t meet a lot of industry standards for agencies because of my height and my tattoos so it’s always just been me managing on my own. I’d say the biggest challenge is simply finding and booking the paid gigs.”


Q: What are you hoping to gain being Internet Hollywood’s newest sensation?

“I’m hoping that Internet Hollywood will further my reach and in turn I’m hoping to gain more connections within the scene. I’d love to work within the Internet Hollywood family!”


Internet Hollywood’s thirteen member private committee is certain Isabella Capri could work her way into being one of the faces of Internet Hollywood. I also strongly believe she has what it takes to be one of the most amazing models of our lifetime.


Top Shelf Vintage Co. gets full credit for the wardrobe and Annie Schisler is the amazing talent that took behind these wonderful photos of Isabella Capri.


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