Model Jazmin Feuerstein Crushes Surreal Beauty Magazine – Is Internet Hollywood Next?


The next shining star in our universe is finally shining her light in the night skies of stardom. Upcoming model Jazmin Feuerstein is breaking barriers with an overflow of talent that’s directly lifting our journalists off their feet. Jazmin manages to grab the attention of our writers with a grip tighter than most celebrities headlining in Internet Hollywood. Last month the talented jaw dropping hottie shared the exciting news that involved her being published in Surreal Beauty Magazine. The 88th issue features models from all walks of life spreading there light across pages that includes our amazingly talented Jazmin as-well. The pages that includes Jazmin remains unavailable  to readers that wish to view the magazine online or physically without buying. We recommend if any readers are interested in seeing our amazing Jazmin in action to check out the magazine below.

(click here: Surreal Beauty Magazine).

The magic Jazmin have is opened for all eyes to see in her amazing poses. She continues to deliver her best in shoots with amazing photographers like  Adrienne Asbell Moments By A Photography. No introduction is needed when seeing words float across our headlines about this alternative Marion, Indiana model. Jazmin is one of the first models to debut in Internet Hollywod after news confirmed she was the latest member of freelance modeling organization ProjectXPlatinum back in April. It’s no surprise to realize the fact behind what’s reality. If Jazmin decides to take on the chance with the advantage that is open to her in Internet Hollywood she could very well be the new face of our universe in the future!


Photography by Adrienne Asbell Moments By A Photography

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