Model Jenn Porter discuss her worst experience with a photographer and her new photo shoot with Joe Kalos Photography

Photo Shoots – Joe Kalos Photography is bringing art to life in his new photo shoot with Connecticut model Jenn Porter. After talking with Porter, she revealed that the photo shoot she did with Joe Kalos was 2 hours long. I felt the need to dig a little bit to get some inside scoop on the story to put together an article. After Joe Kalos gave me the green light I quickly got to work on this story.


The beautiful new photo shoot with Jenn Porter is probably as green as they come. She was deep within nature and surrounded by the greenest leaves and beautiful brown trees that stood below the light of the shining sun. The angles of each shot I seen looked well calculated and thought-out before they were took. Kalos was definitely on his A game in this shoot.


So back to the inside scoop, so Jenn Porter has kindly agreed to give us a little inside scoop on the shoot and a little background of her experiences. Here’s what happened:


Internet Hollywood: How would you describe the feeling of doing photo shoots while striking your poses? Do you ever worry that the pose may not be good enough while the picture is being taken?


“It’s a constant feeling of being outside of myself. I am constantly imagining what I look like from the perspective of a photographer. So, over time, it has actually helped me to become more self aware as a person, which is a plus! I don’t worry about the pose not being good enough, because I like to try new things. The only way to know what works and what doesn’t is to keep trying new angles and poses! I like to get funky with my props and push the edges of my creations, as any artist would. Plus, photographers are taking hundreds of photos per shoot, they sort through so many shots, to find 10-20 good shots, sometimes less.”

Internet Hollywood: What would you say was your worst experience in a photo shoot?


“Shoots take a lot more energy than people might think, I’m almost always sore the next day from climbing around the woods or holding my body in such strange positions for a lengthy period of time. I can get frustrated when it drags on too long.”

Internet Hollywood: How did the idea of your photo shoot with Joe Kalos come up?


“Which one? Ha! I just like to work with him when he’s in town, he’s got a great eye! From there we just discuss what theme and vibe we’re going for. I have this big black cloak and my co-model mare had this cute white outfit, so we decided to go with a ‘light and dark theme’ and created on that basis. It helps me to have a theme of sorts in my head so I can pose accordingly.”


Internet Hollywood: How has the public response been to your new photo shoot with Joe Kalos Photography? Did everyone like it?


“I believe so! Likes only mean so much, but I got a lot of that kind of feedback and much more comments than usual! It’s fun seeing how my friends receive my artwork. I work hard on these scenes sometimes with friends! There’s lots of group messaging with everyone involved and, depending on the shoot, a lot of work reaching out to people to find the right props for the set. This most recent one was fairly simple, most of the work involved searching for abandoned ruins to shoot for our set.”


After getting the information I needed I thanked Marie and got in touch with Joe Kalos. He seemed really cool and was definitely down with me writing this story. He is also open to do photo shoots with models inside of the Florida area that may need more exposure. You could follow both of their fan pages by clicking the links below!

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Jenn Porter: Instagram – Model Mayhem: Red Lune

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