Model Jenniebeans discuss her plans for 2018, being open to doing photo shoots, leaving people behind in 2017, photographers she would like to work with, her fears and more!

Beyond The Lens – Independent Massachusetts model Jenniebean is finally getting her first publication in Internet Hollywood after completing her interview with me Thursday afternoon. The model was sent a couple of questions on January 15th, after accepting her invitation to redo the interview after the holidays because of server issues that caused the website to be down for eleven days.


As soon as the website got back up, the first thing I did was send her a message along with all of the others I had in mind to interview during the holiday season. It was definitely a pleasure talking to her!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w  Jenniebean *~*~


Internet Hollywood: Happy New Year Jenniebean! It is always a fun and educational experience chatting with models I never published about before. I do remember speaking with you quite a few times in the past and you have always been open for interviews and was very supportive every time. I look forward to reading your answers to my questions. How are you enjoying your 2018 so far? Did you make a resolution?


Jenniebean: I have been enjoying 2018 so far. Other than the cold weather and snow, it’s been a good year so far. I usually don’t make resolutions because I always end up breaking them but this year I’m going to try to learn to balance work and life. I’ve neglected friendships and I want to be able to get back on track with my friends that I’ve been friends with for over 15 years.


Internet Hollywood: During my last interviews I have been digging deeper into everyone’s career plans to see what plans they have in store to start this new year. Are you currently working anything right now as well?


Jenniebean: Not working on anything right now but I am trying to book some shoots for the upcoming months. Open to different concepts.


Internet Hollywood: Who are some of the talented people that you are interested in collaborating with now?


Jenniebean: I’d love to work with Raven Cruz more. He’s such a great friend and I love his work and he needs to shoot more curvy girls. David West id love to work with. Lauren Farrington is a favorite and she knows just how to shoot me. Love her work. I’d love to collaborate with more models too.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things you had to leave back in 2017 to succeed in 2018?


Jenniebean: 2017 was not a good year I think for a lot of us. But I had to leave a few toxic people behind. Which I see now is what was and is best for me. And I had to leave behind my old way of thinking. The thinking that I’m not good enough. That I’m not good enough for certain people or for certain things.


Internet Hollywood: When was the first time modeling became the love you had to pursue as a career goal and did you get the support you need from friends and family members when they found out about it?


Jenniebean: Modeling become a love for me I think around my second group shoot with Isabel Vinson. She made me feel so welcome and made me feel like this was something that I could really do. My family was and really is not supportive to this day. My friends have been great but it’s sad when ones family can not support something that you love doing.


Internet Hollywood: What kind of themes are your favorite when it comes to doing photoshoots?


Jenniebean: Boudoir and pinup are some of my favorite types of shoots. I love doing them. But I’m open to trying different concepts.


Internet Hollywood: Where did the name Jenniebean come from?


Jenniebean:  Jenniebean came about actually from a nickname from one of my favorite coworkers and friends. She just started calling me Jenniebean and it seems to have stuck.


Internet Hollywood: Last question; what is your biggest fear as we go deeper into 2018?


Jenniebean: Not being who I am and who I can be this year that’s my fear. I want to be able to be a great mother and a great friend and a great model.


Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Jenniebean!


~*~*Thank you for reading*~*~


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