Model Jennifer Sullivan Makes Classy Debut In Internet Hollywood!

JENNIFER SULLIVAN EDITMany would wonder what kind of females we come across being the home of over 300 models.  The freelance ProjectXPlatinum modeling movement provided a strong force to upcoming females motivated enough to take on their dreams. Numerous models continues to thrive alongside the faith they keep while hoping things get better. Jennifer Sullivan have proven herself to be a patient person with a unique style to add to her posing abilities. Her steamy professional shoot is more than enough to hold onto in our imaginations. Words can’t describe how fantasizing comes easy when picturing ourselves with Jennifer in each one of her amazing photo shoots. Her smile traps us into her world of happiness and warms us to the magic found inside her creativity. No perfect picture is painted without the hand of an amazing artist. The amazing photo to the side is the combined work of an amazing photographer by the name of Don Romero & hair and makeup artist Kristen Laboy. It’s clear how amazing creativity can come out of the work done by extremely talented individuals. It was known long before that Jennifer’s impact in our alternative universe will be one of the ages. She deserves all the success that comes with being an absolutely sweet and down to earth model with a unique style that she can call her own. We welcome Jennifer into the Internet Hollywood universe and we look forward to seeing her amazing work in the future!


Photographer: Don Romero

HMU: Kristen Laboy

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