Model Jenny Bee To Tune Into Internet Hollywood Radio As Prince Vega Host On June 21st

jenny bee rick huffPrince Vega –  One of Internet Hollywood’s newest born stars will be listening as Prince Vega host Internet Hollywood Radio after nearly nine months. The reason for the delays in relaunching the streaming site is because of upgrades and structural changes involving the entire Internet Hollywood website. Now that it has been announced that Prince Vega has returned to host the radio show we are expecting thousands to tune in. It has now been confirmed another person tuning in will be one of our darling new models by the name of Jenny Bee.


According to our ticker, the New York model currently has one of the top three leading stories in Internet Hollywood alongside cover girl Tygeria and Blu Jess. The overwhelming excitement that comes with trending as early as debuting should be widely celebrated by Jenny since it is very rare. The last time a model pulled something similar was New Jersey’s Carrie Madeline back in the third quarter of last year after landing on the top model charts shortly after debuting.


The show will highlight the biggest topics in Internet Hollywood including politics, our celebrities, The League Of Hip Hop, music, models and most likely Jenny Bee. The model been receiving huge amount of support on her first published article through the world of social media which contributed to her rise to the top three trending stories.


Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega continues to feel confident in his decision to make Jenny Bee one of our newest models. She’s beautiful, smart, talented and very passionate about giving her all to modeling when the opportunities present itself. You could also listen to Prince Vega host Internet Hollywood Radio on Tuesday, June 21st at 8:30 p.m. (est). You can tune into Internet Hollywood Radio by clicking “play” on the gray radio icon embed on the right hand side of the home page. The gorgeous photo of Jenny Bee is a throw by taken by Rick Huff from Synthesis Photo LLC.


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