Model Jessica Xagoraris Calls Prince Vega & Isabel Marie’s Plan For Models A ‘Wonderful’ Thing

Recently news emerged out of the shadows that Prince Vega recruited WVEW 107.7 FM’s Radio Host  & Model Isabel Marie Vinson to launch an independent modeling organization that gives equal opportunity to upcoming models that wish to establish a modeling career independently.


The excitement following news garnered the energy it needed to round-up a number of models that wish to participate in the new project after hearing the news. One of the beautiful talented models is an amazingly beautiful graduate from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting – Jessica Xagoraris!


The light in eyes could only shine knowing such a bright human being could hold so much energy as Jessica does, but one could only wonder…why? This wonderful gifted soul has captured the attention of many involved in this project after publicly stating how she felt about Prince Vega’s plan with Isabel Marie Vinsin.

Jessica’s response:

“I myself am 5’5″ 145 lbs and am definitely far from what people deem as the average model,” She explained. “Why should people with different body types, height, weight, should be cast off? I believe it’s hurtful to all the beautiful people out there trying to make it. Like myself, a lot of my model friends have tattoo’s and sometimes that is frowned upon. Tattoo’s are art much like photography and should be treated as such. Many tattoo’s to people have special meaning, why try to hide the beauty behind that?”

Xagoraris continued, “Everyone is beautiful in their own separate ways and why should they be pushed aside? Someone out there would find them beautiful! Not everyone has the same taste and beauty comes in many different forms. By teaming up and giving new models opportunities to get out there and be viewed by others is an amazing thing and i believe it’s a great opportunity.”

“What you find beautiful others may not and vice versa.Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, looks, heights, weights, etc etc! What you’re doing is a wonderful thing for people like me who wouldn’t normally be seen as the typical model. I have my flaws, yes, but ya know what beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Photography is beautiful, models are beautiful, and variety is BEAUTIFUL!


Xagoraris is described by Prince Vega as a very ‘explosive’ miracle that shatters negative judgment into pieces of love. The meaning behind the line describes her personality as being very entertaining, sweet and unpredictable. The upcoming model became friends with Prince Vega through the amazing Isabel Marie Vinsin, and she was also recruited to Prince Vega’s new project by her!


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