Model Jessica Xagoraris Responds To Ohio Rapper Gusto’s Views On Love/Like Relationships

XAG EDITRecently Internet Hollywood caught up with Gusto to get his thoughts on the difficulties on judging a relationship emotionally when growing too attach to someone. The artist didn’t bother to break down how he felt about the topic and stated that he believes sometimes people will start to like somebody so much than start to love to fast. He also shared that once the love type feeling comes about that’s when everything changes. Internet Hollywood is now getting a second opinion from ProjectXPlatinum Jessica Xagoraris. The headlining model expressed views of some similarities but added that there is something she don’t agree with.

“I sorta kind of agree with him,” she said. “I think of it like this… There is a difference between like and love, A HUGE difference. I agree with him on the liking your boss and loving your family, but maybe not liking all that they do. I believe in true compassionate love and infatuation which is pretty close to obsession in my eyes lol. You could be infatuated with someone and they are all that you live and breath, but really people confuse that with thinking they are in love. Your just in the “honeymoon” stage of the relationship. Then maybe, just maybe you can fall in love with someone.”

Jessica continued to greatly detail the true meaning behind love and what it represents. The billboard chart topping Internet Hollywood celeb also shared that she found the love of her life after a few loves in the past.

“When it comes to love they become part of your complete being and they share a part of your soul with that person. You think like them, you both turn into basically one entire being. You are then “one” together. Ive had ew loves in my life, some I’d like to forget but you know, I’m glad I let it happen. It was an experience, I got to learn a lot about myself and about other people. Thankfully, I am in love again and it feels great. He’s even starting to talk like me, and say words I say, its kinda sweet. Love is a beautiful thing, and I hope everyone gets a chance to feel it atleast once in there lives. You will like many people, but theres something about love, You might only get one shot… Make sure they are a keeper!”

Jessica Xagoraris remains one of the most top popular models on Internet Hollywood. The elder member of ProjectXPlatinum is ranked in the Top 3 as the 3rd most headlining model in the month of July! Gusto is a debuting artist in our universe that have already made headlines over three times in the month of August!

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