Model Jessie LaProxima talks Jennifer Lopez inspiring her, singing, modeling, dancing, performing at NYE three times, challenges and her new song ‘Amor Perdido’

Beyond The Lens – Pennsylvania singer, model and dancer Jessie LaProxima finally finished up her interview with us and I’m happy to share what we discussed with all of you. I had plans to interview the model for quite a while now but couldn’t really find the right time to do it. But I’m a strong believer in everything happening for a reason and now seemed like the perfect time to get it done. Enjoy the interview!


~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Jessie LaProxima*~*~


Internet Hollywood: What’s up Jesse!? I’m happy to have you doing your very first interview with us. I’m sorry we didn’t do this a lot sooner. I hope everything has been amazing for you. Before we begin, could you fill our readers in on some history about yourself and what you do?


LaProxima: Hey guys I’m Jessie, I’m 27 a mother of two amazing boys and an assistant manager at a retail store. I’ve been modeling since I was 18 and singing since I was about 12. I got into this industry being that I was in love with it, growing up with MTV and BET. Watching music videos and fashion shows I loved everything about what this industry has to offer. Growing up I loved Jennifer Lopez who I still refer to as J-Lo (lol). I loved that she did it all, she inspired me to want to do everything. I may not show off like most people want me to but I’m pretty good at a lot of things. Singing and Fashion isn’t only what I know and do. I can dance and act as well. I started seeing I was good at what I do and people loved seeing me perform. I started growing a fan base so I decided to start my own little business called Jessie LaProxima Entertainment. I’ve been running for about 3 years and it’s been going pretty good. I have some secrets in store but I can’t share that now until everything is finalized just know I’m not done.


Internet Hollywood  Was modelling something that everyone around you could accept or did you have some people that expressed some frustration?


LaProxima: Actually no, for years my parents just didn’t see this being a job. They looked at it as a joke, eh let’s just say friends and family still do. I know in their mind they think this is just a hobby. It isn’t it’s my passion and dream and future career. My mom used to tell me get a education and be someone, so I loved school got good grade but didn’t see myself doing anything after high school. I once said I would be a good therapist because I love speaking and listening to people, but schools expensive and we all know this.


Internet Hollywood: Are you hoping to find an agency in the future or are you going to continue to do things independently?


LaProxima:  As of right now honestly, I would love to work with an agency, but being I don’t meet industry requirements I got a lot of work too. When I say work my body isn’t where the industry wants me to be so I’ll continue to be independent. It’s rough because I have the mom body, especially being I had two c sections it’s a rough one. I’m right in between Plus Size and petite, go figure.


Internet Hollywood: What are some things that go through your mind while you are doing a photoshoot?


LaProxima: Depends on what’s the theme of the shoot. I try to act out whatever we are going for in the shoot. I watch way too much ANTM. lol. Get a lot of pointers from that so my pictures don’t become blah.


Freddie Reed Photography

Internet Hollywood: What kind of photoshoots are open to doing and what style of modelling you can’t see yourself doing?


LaProxima: I pretty much do anything, I love taking photos. I get told by friends and family I’m very photogenic. The only thing I wouldn’t do is nudity, and I get told what about partial nudity. I’m not so confident about my body so I say umm no thanks lol. Don’t need my goodies all over the internet so there’s a positive to that. I’m very open to doing themed photo shoots but a lot of “photographers” out here always want to do is the same photo shoot (sexy shoots). No thanks….


Internet Hollywood: You also mentioned that you sing and dance. Are any of those two things something you want to branch off to and start a career in?


LaProxima: I actually combine them into everything I do. When I’m scheduled to be in a fashion show I try to sing in the show for intermission or while the models walks. A lot of people like that, it’s something different, especially if the fashion show has a theme.


Internet Hollywood: What has been your biggest challenge as an independent model so far?


LaProxima: My weight, being I don’t fit into a lot of the designers’ clothes kind of leaves me stuck at the bottom and very limited to being on the walkway.


Internet Hollywood: What are some of the things that you are working on now and who are some of the people you would like to work with?


LaProxima: I’m actually going to be doing a music video with Blaze a gentleman out here in a Bethlehem, Pa. I have a few casting in New Jersey over the next few weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be performing on NYE again as I’ve done for the last 3 years. I’m working on a new song called amor perdido (lost love). An only in my dreams would I love to work with Ozuna or Maluma they both are amazing Spanish artist. But locally home wise I would love to work with a gentleman named EZ and a group called DeXperience, they both are amazing artists!


Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much for the interview LaProxima!


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