Model Jodie Defreitas reveals her childhood favorites: “I would try to impersonate Naomi Campbell. Watching her on TV”

Topic of the Week – Independent model Jodie Defreitas is a beautiful face that I have been very interested in writing more about because of the awesome modeling work she has done in the past. But I thought we start things off by finding out some of the cool things about her childhood and some of her favorite shows that she watched around that time. Check out here answers below!


Her favorite films and television series to watch:


Jodie: Growing up as a child I would say my favorite TV shows were the Rugrats, Spongebob and iCarly.


The ones her and her friends would act out:


Jodie: I would try to impersonate Naomi Campbell. Watching her on TV I always use to imitate her fierce catwalk.


Movies that gave Jodie nightmares:


Jodie: I’m not really into scary movies, if I happen to watch one I wouldn’t be able to sleep for days lol.


If she was a villain or superhero what would her name and powers be?


Jodie: As for superhero I would definitely choose catwoman, she is one of the first real women superheros to be seen in pop culture. So to me she is very influential.


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