Model Joetry talks Netflix shows ’13 Reasons Why’ and ‘Dear White People’, reveals most disappointing film

T.O.T.W – Connecticut model Joetry is giving us a piece of her mind when it comes to the streaming giant Netflix. I recently got in touch with the 6-time published model to ask some questions about the streaming service and she was kind enough to answer every question. The topic has been very popular on Internet Hollywood and many Americans from all over the United States are sharing their views on the topic.


One of those beautiful sensations is upcoming Connecticut model Joetry. Joetry is a 6-time published model that doesn’t mind sharing her views on topics that interest her. As soon as I found out she was subscribed to Netflix I asked if we could have a quick interview about it and she said “yes”. Soon after, I got the ball rolling and asked a few of our weekly topic questions!


Internet Hollywood: Hey Joetry! Every week on we pick a topic and try to get as much people to weigh in on it as possible. This week we are talking about Netflix. Netflix is a very popular streaming service that allows subscribers to stream thousands of movies whenever and where ever they want. They are in about 190 countries and have close to 100 million subscribers. What is it about Netflix that you like and what are some of your favorite show to watch? 


“Hmmmm, my favorite show to watch? Honestly, I don’t believe I have a favorite. Netflix is more for movies for me unless I’m babysitting a little one then it’s ideal for the cartoons without the worry of my phone or iPad being destroyed somehow from their fingers. I go to Netflix for movies people recommend – im very open minded with films. With my boyfriend, the vibe is always more action based films. He’s not going to sit there through a chick flick and I rather watch a action film then watch him sleep during a movie only I’m into. When I’m by myself I’m not afraid to get emotional so that’s when I’ll watch the stuff that may tug at your heart strings. I even like documentaries. So i like everything. lol.”

Internet Hollywood: What would you say is the most disappointing show you watched on Netflix that you recommend others don’t watch?


“I’m not sure if Chiraq was on Netflix but I wouldn’t recommend that.”


Internet Hollywood: Netflix recently lost some subscribers after seeing the”Dear White People” trailer. A great deal of people felt Netflix crossed the line with the title. Although the series is nothing like it portrays, people were really bothered by it. With that being said, do you feel that it’s appropriate for streaming giants like Netflix to continue pushing shows like that even with the outcry following it?


“I think the fact that Dear White People is going through this merely based upon the title shows how far we still have to go in history, because obviously freedom of speech and artistic expression is neglected in this sense. The fact that Netflix has shows and documentary that “tell it how it is” is why Netflix should continue to show. It’s the truth. Everyone isn’t gonna like the honesty and realness but that’s why no one is forced to watch it.”

Internet Hollywood: Recently a Netflix series titled ’13 Reasons Why’ caused a bit of a stir last month. Dozens of subscribers claimed the series glamorized suicide. Who is the blame if a teenager decides to commit suicide after watching the show?


“Unfortunately, I have not yet watched that show to even place an opinion on whether a show has such an ability but to even “blame” someone for taking their own life isn’t right. A show isn’t able to do that only that individual reaching a particular point. There’s no real reason as to why someone does it but to put blame to make an excuse for a show is a no go.”


Internet Hollywood: If you could see yourself acting in a movie or series on Netflix what film will it be and why?


“Hmmm, another complicated question, but I guess I would be in anything Tyler Perry because of the dramatic side I have but my family orientated, love, and view on religion that makes me feel like I would be Casted to merely live my life.”

Internet Hollywood: Recently another show on Netflix titled ’13 Reasons Why’ caused quite a stir last month over a pretty disturbing suicide that took place in the film. Some people I interviewed believes the series glamorizes teenage suicide. What’s your thoughts on it?


“Being that I haven’t seen the show I can’t say whether it does or doesn’t portray such an idea. However, I don’t believe anything has the ability to glamorize just because it’s on display for the world to see. During times of lynching its a bother or could be considered glamorizing the killings of blacks but that lasted longer than individuals allow televisions shows to continue and these aren’t even real individuals”

Internet Hollywood: Last Question: Was there ever a time you were browsing Netflix and was shocked to discover a movie or series on there that you liked a lot but forgot about? If so what was the film and what did you like so much about it?


“Netflix never fails to surprise me with more and more things that pop up that I love or use to watch. One series that they had was “a different world” a show that inspired me in a multitude of ways from striving to go to college, to my poetry and even how I carry myself as an intellectual young black woman.”

Internet Hollywood: Thank you so much Joetry.


“Thank you.”


Joetry is not the only model that opened up about her thoughts when it comes to the streaming giant. We also published responses from Model Taylor Elizabeth Knytych, Austin Lee Ielpi, Ravishing Virgo and Cherise Cuff. Soon we will be publishing the responses from models Rhea Rayne, Tygeria, Jess Lynn and more.


Joetry is one of the very few models that was offered a sales marketing position at Internet Hollywood. She was first published in Internet Hollywood in late March 2016. The gorgeous photos of Joetry in this story was taken by Mark Murphy.


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