Model Joetry Uncertain About This Year’s Presidential Election: “I Would Keep Obama In Office”


Prince Vega – Internet Hollywood model Joetry isn’t quite certain with this year’s election and who could blame her? All we have been hearing was terrible stories from both candidates throughout the entire run for office. Most people consider this to be sickening with zero hopes of improvement with the very few options they have to choose from.


One gorgeous Connecticut model is seeing things a whole lot differently from most models. Although she says she doesn’t know what to expect, she encourages everyone to go out and let their voices be heard by voting.

“Politics is always a touchy subject and being someone who was born and raised in the church I look at the election as something written straight from the Bible. All the craziness that is occurring is nothing that I can’t say wasn’t expected. Honestly, I don’t know what to expect from this election and personally, I can’t say how it is going to go. If the choice were mines I would keep Obama in office because he seems to be doing a great job to me. The most important factor for the election is that everyone votes, despite why they vote for whom they vote for – everyone’s voice needs to be heard. I’m going to pray before placing my vote and hope that the next president helps America to continue progress forward and not place us years back.”

Very soon people will figure out that Joetry is a force waiting to take on the advantages that come out of Internet Hollywood opportunities. She is one of the very few models that has been offered a representative position in Internet Hollywood and she accepted.


Joetry has been extremely supportive and has provided an extra hand in expanding the Internet Hollywood brand from behind the scenes. Expect to hear a whole lot more from this beautiful model in the month of November.


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