Model Julez Jette discusses her plans for 2019, putting together a book, working on music, modeling, and more!

Interviews – The new year has finally kicked off in Internet Hollywood and many new stories will be making front page news as talent from all over the world puts their art to work to build their careers. I caught up with independent Connecticut model Julez Jette to get her plans for 2019 and thoughts on 2018. Check out the interview!

~*~*Beyond The Lens /w Julez Jette*~*~

Internet Hollywood: What’s up Julez?! It’s always a pleasure to chat with someone as awesome as you. You were incredible at the Internet Hollywood Fashion Show last year! How did you bring in the new year and did you make a resolution?

Julez: For New Years I hung out at a flapper themed party at the local pool hall where I usually play on a league. My team hung out and brought in 2019 together. For my resolution this year I want to work on time management and my body health, eating better and actually working out. I also want to spend more time with my family especially my grandparents.


Internet Hollywood: I could choose a lot of photos of yours that I admire and I could definitely explain the potential I feel you have to go beyond modeling. I’m hoping to see more of that diversity soon. What are some of the things you are working on and will you be doing any photoshoots soon?

Julez: I am focusing a lot more on my music and my writing. Actually putting together a book of poetry from my whole life that eventually I would like to publish. As far as photo shoots I have nothing booked currently but when I come back from L.A at the end of feburary I will be planning a bunch of shoots. I may even pop into a few open castings for modeling out in L.A just for shits and gigs.

Internet Hollywood: What kind of photo shoots are you hoping to get done this year to add to the collection of photos you already have?

Julez: I’d like to do a lot more creative concept shoots and definitely an underwater shoot at some point. For my modeling, I’d like to do shoots that tell a story or have some solid message behind them. I also plan on being involved in more shoots and runway shows for good causes like I did last year.

Internet Hollywood: What was the biggest lesson you learned last year and is there anything you plan to do differently this year to make sure it doesn’t happen. I think the biggest lessons that I learned were:

Julez: 1: My mental health needs to come first. Being bipolar is for sure a constant uphill battle and finding the medication that really works for me with little to no side effects has been proving to be a hard journey. However, it’s one I need to focus on and if my mental health is in a good place I find that everything I try to accomplish is less daunting and more fulfilling. 2. That I cannot do everything at once. I tend to get really excited and open up a bunch of projects at once, and i overwhelm myself and then naturally am hard on myself for not accomplishing ALL of it. So this year it’s one project at a time and only as much as I know I can handle.


Internet Hollywood: I saw this beautiful dress you wore in this picture that was taken by Pavement Films. Where did the beautiful dress come from and what was the occasion for that night?

Julez: I was very lucky to be part of an event called “let’s blow the roof off cancer” it was a runway show featuring a bunch of designers and all proceeds went to the Hartford Hospital Blood and Cancer unit. This amazing man Joseph Wade who is the designer of a great brand Society XXI put the whole thing together in memory of his mother. The dress in the picture was designed by Marion, who was just the nicest woman, and made me feel stunning in two different dresses she had made. The pink dress in the picture also was put up for auction by Marion to raise even more money for the cause. I also had the honor of performing some covers and one of my originals as a part of the entertainment for the evening. Overall it was an amazing experience and I cannot wait to be a part of something like that again.

Internet Hollywood: What is your main focus now that we are at the beginning of a new year and the time on the clock is ticking?

Julez: Right now all of my focus is on my own business doing psychic medium readings. It is bringing me to a lot of new places around the U.S this year including my upcoming trip to L.A. I am excited to travel and share my gift with people all over my wonderful country. In between, that will be a lot of focus on my music and writing and some awesome modeling in the meantime.

Internet Hollywood: What are you hoping to gain after all the hard work you plan on putting in this year and is there a plan b if you fall short on what you want to achieve?

Julez: I hope I will gain a sense of balance between all of my creative outlets. In this also the ability to delve deeper into myself and doing the things that make me happy. By the end of the year I hope to have my book edited and sent to be published, to have my own E.P of original music recorded and to be performing regularly, and lastly to have spent a lot more quality time with the people that are closest to my heart.

Internet Hollywood: Thank you for the interview, Julez!



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