Model Juliette Locke switches up outfits in her new photo shoot with Photographer Gerardo Torres

Photo Shoots – Independent Massachusetts model Juliette Locke has been putting her work in the modeling field independently for years now and she continues to grow into a better and far more talented model than she was years before. I have been keeping track of some of the things she’s been doing, and as I continue to, my interest in writing about her increases to a tempting level. I just happened to give in to the pressure today.


Anyway, Juliette recently put out photos from a photo shoot she did with talented Massachusetts photographer Gerardo Torres and they looked magnificent. I came across one of the photos while I was browsing through Instagram during my search for new news. Once I came across one of the pictures from the photo shoot I got in contact with the model and asked if she would be interested in me piecing up a story about it and she said yes.


She told me the photo was an idea she was holding onto for a while and was finally able to bring it to life with Gerardo. She explained how she wanted to play with colors more, especially ones that compliment each other, and she had her friend Sophia DaSilva (IG @sophidd) do the makeup. The photo shoot was about 2-3 hours long and was done in multiple outfits.


After filling me in with all of the inside details, Juliette stated that it was a fun experience and that she would love to do a photo shoot with Gerardo Torres again. You could stay updated on all of their latest work by clicking the highlighted links next to their names below!




Juliette Locke: InstagramFacebook

Gerardo Torres: Website –  Instagram

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