Model Kaitlyn Costa to make a special appearance at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in Manchester, CT on August 19th!

Coming Up – Upcoming Massachusetts model Kaitlyn Costa is planning on making a special appearance at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party at Parkade Cinemas & Entertainment in Manchester, CT on August 19th. I got confirmation from the model last week after a short conversation we had about her latest photo shoot with Raven Macabre. She seemed really excited about attending the event.


Costa was also at our last party in Worcester, Massachusetts at The Raven Club on April 22nd. The networking event included dozens of rising talent from all over New England, including Isabel Vinson, Raven Macabre, MCM Photography, Holbrook Photography, Schon-Ray, Taylor Elizabeth, Beautiful Chaos, Greek Goddess and more. It was the perfect event to connect upcoming talent together who needed support for their portfolios, brands and more.


But that isn’t the only thing on Costa’s mind. The model just recently published photos from a photo shoot she did with the incredible Raven Macabre Photography. I noticed the photo when I was scrolling down my Facebook timeline on my phone. I attached the photo to this story above so you all could see it!


Tickets to our movie theater party in August is currently on sale now. The networking event will include photo shoots, a casting call, live performances, live interviews /w reporters, giveaways, a bar, a dj, hot food and more. You could get your ticketed by clicking the highlighted link below!



~*~*Click Here To Buy Tickets*~*~

Raven Macabre: Instagram – Facebook

Kaitlyn Costa: Facebook

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