Model Kayla Kohla and Fashion Designer Malva Janaby slays the red carpet at the Internet Hollywood party

Internet Hollywood News – Model Kayla Kohla and designer Malva Janaby was in slay mode all night at the Internet Hollywood party last weekend. The two dressed with class and passed the 8 foot backdrop with their amazing wardrobe before posing for daggerSLADE Model Images. The New Hampshire photographer kept it professional and did a magnificent job snapping photos of all of our attendees. This is pretty much why you will be seeing his work pop up on Internet Hollywood for the remaining of the month


Kayla Kohla was incredible in every way imaginable. She gave off the same positivity she received and no one could say any different about that. If you were at the event you probably seen me and her talking quite a few times through the night. The model also had an incredible girlfriend that came with her to support and she was just phenomenal. Being in a conversation with them two really made me feel like we were high school friends catching up on things. The chemistry between the two was so brilliant and fun to watch.


I don’t know much about Malva Janaby but what I do know is he had one bad-ass suit on! You would think he owned the place when he crossed the red carpet with his fabulous wardrobe. The fashion designer was cool, calm and collective as he greeted others and shared conversations in the media room with Internet Hollywood sensations. I could definitely tell he was a familiar face to a lot of our attendees. I look forward to learning more about the designer to hopefully write more news stories about him in the future.


I thank both of these amazing people for attending this event and I hope to see them and daggerSLADE at our next event in July!



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