Model Keri Marie To Play As “Heidi Winters” In Prince Vega’s New Illuminati Movie Series This Fall!

keri 2Prince Vega is on a roll and isn’t planning on slowing down anytime soon. The “Scorpion King” Vega has expanded the cast for the upcoming filming for the new movie series “Illuminati” Rebellion. We’ve been told by our sources that upcoming model Keri Marie was chosen a role to star as a character name Heidi Winters. We are not yet sure what kind of character Heidi is but we are hoping a plot is later revealed that will describe her character in great detail. Keri Marie has found her calling in the alternative world of modeling and has answered the calling to star in the new iIlluminati series that is due to go into production this fall. What we’ve dug up from the plot was about a famous music artist who’s career is targeted by a secret society after refusing to endorse his handlers views. Upon discovering the sinister plot to irreversibly destroy his career Nos Barker (rapper) puts in place a plot of his own to fight back against the higher powers that’s out to destroy him in the music industry. We are hoping more unravels about the story before filming starts to share with you all! We will keep you all updated!

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